Remmet Services Nig Ltd is an indigenous independent firm that offers a broad range of corrosion engineering services to the oil & gas industry in Nigeria and others around the world. As a matter of policy, our safety prowess informs our choice to assist our customers in protecting their assets, introducing them to improvement standards in the face of corrosion related challenges and finally providing them independent overviews from our stem of experiences.

Our ideals prompt us to preserve our customers’ infrastructure, mitigate wastage of materials and resources by applying of world-class corrosion engineering services and most of all protecting our environment.

Corrosion has a devastating effects on infrastructures and is also associated with notable amounts of accidents globally. When any structure fails, the end results have varying doses of devastatation ranging from the contamination of the environment, damage to property and inevitably, loss of life. However, as a remedy to this plague, it is no secret that the commonest approach employed by both corporate bodies and governments is the use of corrosion control methods which is also the most potent tool yet in this combat.

We are corrosion specialists who have over the years inspected, certified, tested and surveyed galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems over long distances of gas distribution and transmission pipelines.

Our team have been faithfully and most professionally serving our high-profiled clients in the provision of top-notch services on corrosion and related matters. Corrosion is inevitable. Would you rather not have Remmet Services, your specialised & trustworthy partner, handle all your corrosion defects? We are always here to answer your needs always.

At Remmet Services...

We always re-assure our customers by thinking ahead on the presentation of this peculiar job requirements. In so doing, we tend to provide our esteemed customers with not only quick fixes but long-term solutions that have stood out over the years!


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