Hiring of Blasting Equipment

Remmet Services Nigeria Limited also specializes in provision the best equipment at an affordable rate for either short or long-term rental. We have an extensive hire fleet of grit blast pots. Our Grit blast machines are the best machines for cleaning down many types of surfaces ranging from steel through to masonry work. When hiring the grit blast pots, there are a selection of grits available depending on the material you are cleaning and the results you require. Some of our blasting equipment available for hire are:

  • Airless Spraying Equipment
  • Blasting Pots, Hoses and Accessories

Hiring of Coating Equipment

We offer coating devices rental services as well as advisory services. We advise our clients’ on surface prep devices and the right amount of pressure compatible with the pump used as well as other factors of the task at hand. Remmet Services are equipped with the proper tools for the job. We have various airless machines, spraying guns, airless hoses and spray tips and well as sundries in our inventory. We have:

  • Airless Spraying Machines
  • Airless Spray Guns

Hiring of Inspection Instruments

Remmet Services Nigeria Ltd provides her esteemed clients access to their required inspection technology used occasionally. This is to enable them not to bother about the need to invest in the capital cost of ownership of such instruments. Our equipment inventory spans through a varied sphere of industries and business sectors. Our dedicated team of experienced and certified operators/inspectors are ready to provide their  expertise at short notice to any sector, globally. Some of the instruments in our inventory include:

  • Dry Film Thickness Gauges
  • Surface Profile Gauges


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