Remmet Services Nigeria Limited has carried out several corrosion surveys for customers around the globe. Our corrosion survey methodology includes:

  1. Soil and water corrosivity tests in the field (soil or water sample collection), for field and laboratory analysis, evaluation, testing and corrosion control design.
  2. Stray direct current interference research, investigation, and mitigation.
  3. Corrosion protection system design, inspection, and checkout to include coating systems, bond cables, electrical continuity, rectifier operations, test stations, galvanic or impressed current anodes, and isolation devices.
  4. Underground pipeline coating flaw surveys for dielectrically coated pipe and close interval potential surveys (CIS).
  5. Paint and coating testing on exposed structures (including tanks and pipes).
  6. Electrical test methods utilizing “structure-to-soil” potentials and “line voltage drops” for evaluation of continuity, insulating joints, current drains, electrical shorts, and related system circuitry. Highly accurate location of ineffective or missing bonds on underground pipelines.
  7. Current requirement tests for selection and sizing of cathodic protection system components.
  8. Continuous corrosion monitoring and adjustment of cathodic protection systems for optimum effectiveness.
  9. Non-destructive testing including ultrasonic thickness measurements, flaw detection, and visual examination

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